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Olives & Oils

The Domaine Rocheville is one of the most renowned olive specialists in Nyons. Its groves produce the Tanche variety of olive, which enjoys the appellation Olive de Nyons AOP. The olives are harvested by hand every December. The Domaine’s Olives de Nyons AOP are delightful as an apéritif or when used in dishes, whilst the divine AOP Nyons olive oil, also produced on the Domaine, is smooth and subtly fruity, at once healthy and delicious… The Domaine also uses its olives to prepare tapenades and confits d’olives, two superb products to be discovered.


vinThe Rochevilles are the only independent winegrowers in Nyons.
Jean-Marc and Guillaume grow and tend to the 11 hectares of vines of the property in line with organic principles. Their wines, developed and bottled at the property, are classified AOP, Appellation d’Origine Protégée (Protected Designation of Origin) Côtes du Rhône (Rosés, Reds and Whites), with all the harvesting carried out manually.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health; it should be consumed in moderation.


Our apricots, harvested as they ripen, throughout June and until mid-July, are sold fresh in the Domaine’s boutique. We also use them to make delicious jams and fragrant nectars.

The Domaine’s Boutique

produitsWe welcome our guests into our spacious and bright boutique that showcases and offers produce for sale:

  • Organic Côtes du Rhône wines (white, rosé, red)
  • Olive oil and Olives de Nyons
  • Tapenades and confits d’olives
  • Jams and nectars
We also offer a wide range of, mostly organic, carefully selected quality regional specialities.
Pendant le confinement la boutique est ouverte du lundi au vendredi 10h-12h 14h-17h
117, route de Montélimar - 26110 Nyons.